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Omnicat by lackac

Autocomplete GitHub repositories in Omnibox

Ever find you have to look at a repository on GitHub you know the name of but not the owner? You go to, enter the name of the repository, wait a few seconds for the search response and then try to identify the repository you're looking for in the results.

This can be easier and quicker. Install this chrome extension and start typing gh<tab> in Omnibox (the location bar). Anything you type after this will be autocompleted to GitHub repositories by owner and/or name. The repositories are ordered by the number of watchers and you can even see their descriptions right on the spot. Choose the one you're looking for and you'll be on the page of the repository in no time.

You can even search for your own public and private repositories by entering your GitHub username and token on the options page of the extension. Organization repositories you have access to will be included as well. These repositories will show up at the top of the suggestions.

Much quicker and easier, isn't it? Now go and contribute to open source!


Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.


László Bácsi


You can clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://

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